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1st Method To Recover Your Mozilla Thunderbird Password

Thunderbird provides the option to the users that once the email account has been set up with it then; users need not go through it again and again and could easily manage their account. It changes only when the account becomes inoperative or users change its password.

It makes the work of users go very easy and provides upliftment to them on the professional front. If users forget their Mozilla thunderbird password recovery then they need to go through the given steps

  • Open the thunderbird client click on tools and then options

  • Switch to security and then  passwords

  • Select the saved passwords option and get the list of all the email accounts with the saved password

  • All email account passwords that are showed in are can be displayed by clicking on the Show password option

  • To change the password simply select the account for which you need to change the password

  • Click on the remove button and next time thunderbird will try to retrieve emails from the removed accounts

  • Right-click on the account to copy the user name and password and copy it somewhere

This is how users will be able to recover the account password for Mozilla thunderbird and continue their work with it.

2nd Way To Recover Your Mozilla Thunderbird Email Password

It happens a lot that the email client we use is of no use since the password of the email has been changed and the email client has no longer access to any new emails. In order to fix this problem in the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • Open your Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

  • Search for tools and select options in that.

  • In the options window that opens up, click on the “security” option and choose passwords.

  • There will be “saved passwords” option just underneath the “security” tab. Click on that. Clicking on it will display a list of all the email accounts and their passwords.

  • However, the passwords are not shown along with the email IDs. You can get it displayed by selecting the option to show passwords. You will receive a prompt asking you to confirm the decision you took to display the password. Select yes.

  • Now in order to change passwords, you need to choose the email account whose password has to be changed. Next press on the “remove” tab.

  • Thus the next time you try to access that email account, Mozilla Thunderbird will try to recover all your emails but since it won’t be able to do so, it will seek the password again.

However, if you face any issue or problem with respect to your password changing procedure, please contact the Mozilla Thunderbird technical support at either the website or post your password recovery problem in the Mozilla Thunderbird community forum. If any other user has faced this kind of problem in the past, they might have shared a solution if they had managed to resolve it.

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