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Easiest Way to Resolve Hotmail Syncing Problem

Process to Resolve the Hotmail Syncing Issue

Hotmail is the service that is highly admired by the users since it is the open source mailing service that could be used effectively for the purpose of communication.So just in case you wish to use this service then you need to go to the official site for the hotmail and then have to go through the simple sign up process.

Once you sign up for it then you will feel that it may get into some troubles like hotmail account not syncing properly then in that case you need to follow the below written steps very carefully:-

  • the first that you need to do is you have to check for the updates to windows 10 or the mail app
  • so here you need to carefully make sure that the automatic updates are enabled in your device and you have the latest updates
  • now once you are done with the process of updating the windos 10 as well as calender app
  • and if you still feel that it is having same syncing issue then you need to figure the main reason for this issue
  • like you may find out that due to the new account set up you may be having issue
  • then in that case you have to go for selecting the sync icon that is present just above the message list in order to allow the mail app to download the messages as well as events again
  • if this also does not work then you have to try to change the sync setting for your hotmail account

So these are the simple ways to resolve the hotmail not syncing issue, by following the above steps you will be easily able to solve the problem for your hotmail account.

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