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Steam Account Recovery Page & How to Reset Steam Password

How to Recover your Steam account password?

So your Steam account just got hacked and someone changes your account password. Don’t worry read this article which is based on how to reset/recover the Steam account password.

Fortunately, Steam software does have its own method or procedure to recover the Steam account password, but the account recovery process requires that Steam users still control the mentioned email address or a mobile phone number with Steam account.

  • Step 1: First, Steam users need to go to the steam app and Login Steam account by entering Steam username or password, click “Ok”
  • Step 2: So, visit the Steam lost account password, and tap on the Next button (Recover or close the Steam account)
  • Step 3: Now Steam users need to choose “Recover This Steam Account” Option.
  • Step 4: After completing the above step, Steam will ask users for an email address (or a phone number) where the Steam account recovery team can send a verification code. (Follow the Link) Or Dial - 1888-585-5194
  • Step 5: If the Steam account holder entered the email id or phone number option then Steam users will receive an SMS/Email with a verification code.
  • Step 6: Type verification code in Steam’s recovery form.
  • Step 7: After entering the Steam verification code, Steam will ask to create a new account password.
  • Step 8: After successfully setting up a Steam account password, Steam account holder can easily access their Steam account without any hassle.

After Reset the Steam account password, Steam asked you to logout Steam account from other devices. The steam team strongly recommends keeping Steam account password unique and combination of numeric, alphabets and some special characters. And that is it!!!  Steam users successfully recovered their steam account password.

Recover Steam Account Password Without Registration Email or Phone Number

  1. Open Steam Application.

  2. Enter Steam Account Username and Password.

  3. Click on “Submit” Button.

  4. Tap on “I Forgot Steam Password”.

  5. Steam Users Need to Choose Account Recovery Option (I do not have access on email id or phone number)

  6. Now, Steam Ask You to Enter Any Other Phone Number or Email Id.

  7. Now, Steam users Will Get a Confirmation Code.

  8. Enter the Confirmation Code in Steam Account Recovery Field.

  9. After Enter the Steam Verification Code, You Have to Wait For 2 or 3 Working Days (Steam Verify Its Account Belongs to You or Not)

  10. Once Steam team Verify Your Account, then Steam team Send a Verification Link

  11. Now, Follow the “Steam Verification Link” to Regain Access Your Steam Account by Creating New Password.

If, following these Steam, password reset or Steam account recovery steps, Steam account holder are still unable to access the Steam application then that time Steam users need to contact the expert of Steam account recovery.

Easy Way To Change Steam Account Password

Want to know how to change steam account password without any problem, Follow the steps which are listed below:

  1. Open Your Steam Application or Go to

  2. Enter Steam account name or password

  3. Click on the “Sign in” Button

  4. Visit Setting Area

  5. Click on the Steam Account Setting

  6. Now, Steam user need to click on the “Change Account Password” link

  7. Enter the new password then re-enter a new password

  8. To confirm your new Steam password, Enter your Current Steam password

  9. Then click on the “Confirm” Button

  10. Now you can access your Steam account with your new password

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Note:- This article on the Steam password recovery procedure is only meant for information purposes.

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