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Tricks to unlock iPhone when forgot screen lock passcode.

iPhone from Apple Inc. is the dominating smartphone in the market today. Its classic look, design, features, layout and unique operating system are the key reasons why it is on the top of the list. There is one more most essential feature that most of the buyers consider before buying any smartphone and that is “Security”. Without any doubt, security features of iPhone are unbeatable.

An iPhone can be secured by applying screen locks. To access the device, user needs to unlock the phone through fingerprint, passcode, pin or by face authentication. But what if you have applied only passcode and you forgot that? Don’t worry, Apple has got you covered. There are some ways to unlock iPhone passcode when forgot iPhone screen lock passcode. It is very common for us to forget passwords, in such cases we often contact Apple customer support or technical support but this situation can be resolved by following the below mentioned methods.

Unlock Your iPhone Passcode - Use Repair Tool

By using iOS Toolkit to unlock your iPhone takes a few minutes and required no technical skills.

  • Download and install iOS Toolkit on your Mac PC.

  • Connect your iPhone with PC through the data cable you got with iPhone.

  • Launch the program and from the list of features select "Unlock".

  • Click on "Start".

  • Select your device from the list of devices

  • Click on “Download”, it will download your phone’s firmware.

When the firmware is successfully downloaded, you’d need to click on the button “Unlock” to start the process of unlocking iPhone passcode.

After a couple of minutes, your iPhone will be unlocked.

Important: This process will erase all your data from your device. Make sure you make backup.

Unlock Your iPhone Passcode Using iTunes

  • Connect your iPhone to that Mac PC which is already in sync with the device through iTunes.

  • Open iTunes on computer.

  • Create backup from iTunes.

  • Once you create a backup process,

  • Click on the link which says “Restore iPhone”

  • Now, the IOS set up assistant pops up and prompts the user to invoke "Restore from iTunes backup".

  • After it is done, choose the device located in the iTunes.

  • Select the latest stored backup.

  • Now, you would be able to bypass the passcode and use the iPhone.

This method will also erase your iPhone’s data.

Unlock Your iPhone Passcode Using Recovery Mode

  • Switch off the iPhone (press and hold the power button), a slider will show up on the screen. Slide it down to turn off the iPhone. It should be slid down to power off the device.

  • In case the phone’s battery is not enough charged, you should plug the iPhone into the power adapter. To perform this operation, it should be charged more than 60%

  • Once it is charged, press and hold the “Home” button and alongside attach the iPhone to a Computer with USB cable.

  • IPhone’s screen will turn on.

  • Continuously press home button until you see images of “iTunes” and “USB cable”.

  • Access the iTunes, a message will appear saying “iPhone is in recovery mode”.

  • Click on “ok” which would be on the dialog box from iTunes.

  • This will activate the recovery mode.

  • After that, click on the button “restore”, this will recover the most recent settings from the iTunes and will give you the access to iPhone.

This process will also delete all of the data in your iPhone and makes it as the new one with the most recent settings.

Anyhow, if you could not make it any day. You always have an option to contact Apple support.

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