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Easy Way to Update Your Apple Safari on Mac

How do I update my Apple safari browser on my Mac?

Different version of Apple Safari has different ways of updating the browser in Mac and to do so, the users are always recommended to contact the contact the Apple safari technical support team and seek their expert assistance.

Updating Apple Safari browser - OS X 10.5 or Earlier

  • Make sure the Mac can run OS X 10.6 or earlier which needs at least one gigabyte of free RAM available on Mac. The same can be verified by clicking the Apple icon and then clicking About This Mac, and looking at the number next to "Memory"
  • A copy of Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) can be purchased from Apple's store ( can be searched for "Mac OS X Snow Leopard" on Amazon
  • Installation of OS X 10.6 on the Mac by inserting the Snow Leopard CD and then following the on-screen instructions
  • Then restarting of Mac is important during the installation process
  • Click the Apple Menu on the screen
  • Click Software Update which will pop up with several update options on the next window
  • And make sure "Safari" box is checked
  • And then can select to update to a newer version of OS X (e.g., Yosemite) from the window
  • Click Install number items to "Update" window. However, doing so will install each item next to which a checkmark is placed
  • Wait for the updates to finish installing as it might need to restart the Mac during the process. Once the installation is complete the Mac's version of Safari should be up-to-date for OS X 10.6 and should no longer encounter error messages when attempting to access pages or software in Safari

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