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Want to Forward an Email on Microsoft Hotmail | Follow the Steps

How do you forward an email on Hotmail?

Hotmail is in the email industry from the last few years.It has developed a lot a lot and now people are accessing it in the new form.People are loving it because it has exceptional features.It is helping individuals in both office and at home.Different business are running it as their primary account.It doesn’t let anybody violates your security.There are times when individual need immediate for their hotmail account,there is need to contact customer service team.

Common issues that has been recovered by customer support team of Hotmail:-

  • How to create Hotmail account on iPad?
  • How may I configure my Hotmail account on my operating device?
  • Why Hotmail inbox is not loading on iPhone?
  • How may I do verification of Hotmail account?
  • How to transfer Hotmail contacts to Android?
  • What would be the Hotmail IMAP settings for Thunderbird?

Number of issues are there which has been solved by customer support team.Here,individual could see the solution for one:

How to forward an email on Hotmail?

  • Tap  the “Settings” gear from the toolbar
  • It is now required to select “Options” from the “Menu”
  • User should now select the Forwarding link on the sidebar, from the “Mail” and “Accounts”
  • There is need to assure that "Start forwarding" has been selected
  • It is now required to give  email address at which users want all their mails to be come in future
  • In case,user wants to retain copies of forwarded mail at, there is need to check box beside "Keep a copy of forwarded messages in hotmail web app".
  • When the user will not check the box, forwarded mail will not be available in at all.
  • Select the “Save” button now

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